Tuesday, February 20, 2018

Hyvmine music video

In case you have missed it, Hyvmine have a music. Below is an excerpt from an interview with Dead Rhetoric.

Dead Rhetoric: What are the differences in writing styles from instrumental songs to band songs?

Joseph: You are definitely looking for more hooks when you are writing for a band. Having vocals in there, you have to tell a story. For me, I’ve noticed that it’s more effective if you have something that people can latch onto right away, to get the notion of what the song is all about. With instrumental songs, it’s harder to do because there are no words. Even if the song is about something, you have to dig much deeper into your arrangement to bring out the vibe of what the song is about. I would say it’s a bit…I don’t want to say it’s easier, but writing instrumental music is a tougher way to communicate and connect with people than having lyrics. I definitely start right out with the melody, and as far as the words, I start with lyrics first and from there I get the name of the song. It’s different in that way.

Dead Rhetoric: Do you do all of the lyrics after the instrumental stuff then?

Joseph: Yeah. So from here on out, writing for the band – I would definitely make sure that the instruments are playing things that are interesting. I don’t want the band bored. When it comes to the song-form, I’m thinking more about what my favorite bands have done in the past, and letting that influence the word-flow. After that, I tend to try to come up with lyrics and see what I want to write about.

Dead Rhetoric: So is it tough for you personally, having to sing and play guitar at the same time?

Joseph: Yeah, at first it definitely was. It’s just the way it’s going to be for me. I’ve pretty much accepted it. I don’t want to stop playing guitar at all. I don’t want to stop playing interesting stuff, so it’s going to be a challenge from here on out. I accept that. Like playing “Shogun,” for example, that one has a lot of lead lines, especially in the chorus. But it’s pretty cool, I like seeing how it will turn out and how I can pull it off – we’ll see what happens.

"Shogun" OFFICIAL music video AND you can now get our debut album EARTHQUAKE 

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