Saturday, February 10, 2018

Necrosexual (review by MMB)

Grim 1
23 February 2018
What do you think of a heavy metal band trying to be funny like a comedian? Is that funny to you? Would you like to hear a band try to be funny? I think it is important to know that if you are, then perhaps you might be amused by this album, but then again, if you are kind of a grumpy pants, then this album will make you even angrier. The music is DIY, garage self-styled heavy metal with a thrash edge in the heavy guitars and some of the drumming. The vocals are also street, punk heavy metal, not really singing, and not growling, either. At times the music will kick it up to a higher gear and it will go a bit into headbanging metal mode. There are some pretty good licks in the songs, be it a solo or a hook here and there. You can tell that there is an attempt at humor and also heavy metal. I think the songs are ok, nothing very good, because the talent and the skills in the performance and the songwriting just isn't there.
The album falls short because the songs are simply not that good. I do not find that I want to go back to a certain song and hear it again. I'm not sure about the jokes themselves and the humor. I mean, it's some person shouting and screaming about whatever, it's not like you can understand the words that are the jokes. Maybe some people really do fall from their chairs laughing aloud at the jokes that they hear from some heavy metal bands. Maybe you will find it very funny.

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