Saturday, February 10, 2018

Vojd (review by MMB)

VOJD - "The Outer Ocean"
Label: High Roller Records
Release date: 23.02.2018
Distribution: Soulfood
The boys are back in town, but I’m not sure that it was a good idea to change the name of the band from Black Trip to this new one, especially since the old name had begun to establish the band with two albums. Whether the name change took place due to legal reasons or not, this album definitely continues the general trajectory of Black Trip and the music is still a celebration of classic heavy rock. This music continues the desire to have certain things that modern traditional and extreme metal often have proven incapable of doing. For example, the chaotic nature that so much metal goes for, creates an overwhelming quantity of noise, and it’s not always easy to hear the instruments because such music turns into an exercise in the destruction of the listener’s hearing. Here the objective is both to rock out and still have a sound that allows room for the instruments to breathe. The listener can hear just about everything very well, too. The musical spectrum goes from the rocking songs all the way to the electric blues, demonstrating that they are dedicated to doing classic early heavy metal right the whole way through, not just a particular tempo. On the other hand, the band does a good job of keeping the rocking at front and center. You can tell that this album was made by metal people.
More importantly, they have the songs and they are memorable. Even though Black Trip as a name seems to be over, the new album, essentially the third album, shows that they are not about to stop. Only the name has changed, the song remains the same. Well, actually, no, this album is better, in my opinion, than the previous two. The audiences that are friendly to the sounds of classic early heavy metal will find a great abundance of things to enjoy. If you are new to the band, then this is a strong introduction to this tradition and this band wants to celebrate with you the heritage of heavy metal as it was first practiced in the early days when it began to coagulate. This band is dedicated to the music they love, wherever it stands, their dedication.
Welcome back, boys.

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