Monday, February 5, 2018

Scars of Armageddon (review by MMB)

Scars of Armageddon
Dead End
December 15th 2017
Pure Steel Promotion
The band made this album as if they had thought about the fragility of life: there may not be another album. Why, with all the moving parts involved in keeping a band together and making an album, an underground band might as well grab all the chips in front of them and shove them to the middle of the table and go all in on this round of bets called the life of a heavy metal band.
The sound of the band is a no-nonsense set up of guitars, bass, drums and vocals, and that’s all that there is to be heard. The bass is audible, the drums are upfront, the guitars are sharp and fast, and the singing is traditional heavy metal with high screams for emphasis at the end of vocal lines. They also use a bit of extreme metal vocals, but it is not a constant element in all the songs. They made the album to declare they are a heavy metal band from head to toe, front to back, forwards and backwards. Heavy metal guitar shredding, riffing, and big soloing.
The songs are charged to the fullest with punch and with energy and the drive to motivate the listeners into banging their heads for about an hour and eight minutes. From what I can tell, only the song “Turns to Gray” is a power ballad.
The sound is heavy metal with a big thrash component in the fast riffing, putting them somewhere between traditional metal and thrash. Be aware that the singing is definitely on the high end of the spectrum, so it’s a good idea to hear the vocals to know what to expect.
An album for those looking for the style of true metal.

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