Tuesday, February 27, 2018

ARGUS Releases Official Video for "Devils of your Time"

Pittsburgh, PA traditional metal force ARGUS have released the official video for "Devils of your Time," a track from 2017 Cruz Del Sur Music album From Fields of Fire. The video (the band's first ever) was conceptualized and created by Nick Prezioso. Check it out below. From Fields Of Fire was released September 8, 2017 on Cruz Del Sur Music.
Four years after the release of Beyond the Martyrs, the mighty U.S. Heavy Metal torchbearers ARGUS have returned with From Fields of Fire on Italy's Cruz Del Sur Music! From Fields of Fire is the defining moment from a band that has delivered the goods album after album. It is the highlight of their career to date and one that will be seen as a highlight in heavy metal circles, not just this year, but for years to come.
ARGUS is probably the best band nowadays to pay homage to traditional heavy metal without merely aping their heroes. This is true metal with doom elements, two worlds that often touch, but have never been as well synthesized into a single, organic sound as they are here. From Fields of Fire features some real Heavy Metal gems: the infectious melodies and guitar-drive of "You Are the Curse" and "216," the moody "Hour of Longing," the galloping sound of "As a Thousand Thieves" and the borderline epic, ever-shifting majesty of "Infinite Lives, Infinite Doors." And yet this is an album that demands to be absorbed as a whole, where the music, lyrics and atmosphere reach deep inside of you and take root.
Argus "Devils Of Your Time"
Stream From Fields of Fire at argusmetal.bandcamp.com/album/from-fields-of-fire

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