Monday, February 5, 2018

Frost Giant (review by MMB)

Frost Giant
The Harlot Star
Transcending Records
19 January 2018
Melodic extreme metal, according to this group, can be a space for trying different sounds, and they don’t mind if things get a little weird. For instance, they have a song called “An Exile in Storm” and it is followed by “Prisoner of the Past.” The songs go together like peas and carrots, like waffles and sauerkraut. The first one begins with some soft, sad man singing about leaving home. You might think it is a barbershop quartet singing about lost love or you might think it is a California beach hippy R&B group singing about the sadness of not being able to surf when the waves are too small. The tone of the singing voice sounds nice and also different. I don’t think you have heard a metal singer with a tone like this; it’s poppy, sad, crooning, it’s definitely different. It seems like an introduction to the next song. Here it comes, a boogie woogie-like piano comes in and then you think it’s going to be boogie woogie, but it’s not boogie woogie. It’s polka music. Maybe. Really, I don’t know. The polka metal is underway. Party time. Drinking time. Do the polka now!
No, wait! It isn’t! It’s blasting black metal. What? Yes, it’s blasting black metal! Headbanging metal going all out, throwing down as fast possible. But then again, the melodic guitar hooks sound like melodic death metal. This has taken many turns, it seems. The song has drunken pirate yelling, too. The solo is very upbeat and happy, like grandma wants to dance, kids. Solo’s over. Now melodic singing comes in. What is this style of melodic singing, kids, do you know? It’s that poppy voice again. It’s the same one as the sad song that I mentioned before, but now in a metal song.
Alright, crazy kids, that’s it. I’m not going to tell you anymore because I’m not sure that I can. If bands that mix genres make you upset, then avoid this band because they are going to mess you up big time. Mess you up! But if you are two wild and crazy guys, and you are up for some whatever-genre metal band, then crank up the volume, and pump up the jamming blasting heavy metal rock and roll polka folk pop black melodic extreme metal.

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