Saturday, February 3, 2018

Defenestration (review by MMB)

Gutter Perdition
Xenokorp (Militia Series)
9 February 2018
This bunch must have been looking around and wondering why they were not making some blasting brutal death metal and they decided to fix that situation pronto. You can search high and low, go wherever you want to go, the dictionary or the pictionary, and the discovery will be the same: this is total death metal in the moshing and unmelodic way. It is 100 percent accurate that this band is for the die-hard death metal lunatics, especially for those extreme metallers looking for fast, agile, tight drumming and whirlwinds of hyperspeed and brutality.
It was a fantastic idea to do this EP and take out anything that is not essential to the objective of brutality and blasting because the four songs fly by. The band is lean to the max, very focused on doing a tight presentation that can be easily recognized by the devoted audiences into blasting, brutal death metal and extreme metal in general. This is as efficient as it gets. It’s also pretty catchy, despite the very anti-melodic nature of the music that has not a single hint of a guitar solo anywhere here. Intensity sought? Extremity achieved.

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