Saturday, February 17, 2018

favorite album of the week (February 11th-17th)

Where All Hope Fades
Dark Descent Records
16 February 2018
The band's atmospheric, melodic death doom has been getting a very positive reception. One thing that is good about this album is that it is not just slow doom. There is plenty of traditional death metal going on here, too. The changes in mood work very well for the album. The band has been around for about ten years; therefore, there is a level of skill involved and they certainly know what they are doing, and they have come a long way from the immature juvenile brutal imagery of the very early days.
As already mentioned, it seems like lots of reviewers have approved of the album and if you go to their Facebook page you can learn a lot more about the album.
For now, I will just limit myself to saying that is a quality album, a strong album and it is well paced between the doom and the death metal. It also helps that they are not afraid to add atmosphere and melody when they think it is necessary.
Maybe this publication can do an interview with the band and find out more about their history and this album, eh?

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