Wednesday, February 14, 2018

Revenge (Colombia) (review by MMB)

Spitting Fire
January 26th, 2018
Iron Shield Records
A traditional heavy metal band that celebrates its music is the first song called “Heavy Metal Friends.” Drinking, making noise and banging your head is the theme. The song has a classic guitar tone and the bass lines are very audible while the drumming pumps the blood. “Thirst of Avenge” is the next one and it is another rocker filled with the thunder and lightning calling out to the fans of classic heavy metal all over this planet and on other planets across the universe. “Rise of the Braves” is a speed metal barnstormer and “Spitting Fire” will raise your pulse ready for the action. By now something comes into full view and it is that the band aims to please any dedicated fan of true metal. They started the album fast and they want to make sure that everything stays that way. If you want an album of traditional heavy metal from start to finish, with no ballads, come and get it hot, ready and willing.
The riffs go straight for the sound of classic and traditional metal with speed. Their speed metal is remarkably consistent on the album, with all the new songs wasting no time in attempting to make you bang your head. The band is compelled to present its music in a traditional way that connects with fans who want to rock and bang their heads.
They recorded a new version of one of their songs and it is the song at the end of the album. It has an acoustic or clean guitar beginning and it is not a speed metal song per se, although it is no ballad, either. Maybe they re-recorded it because the album was too short.
In any case, some bands understand their fans very well because they think like their fans. This is the situation here. This is their seventh album since 2002 when they began and these Colombians represent stability and reliability. You know what to expect and they are going to give it to you straight and true guaranteed.

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