Wednesday, February 14, 2018

Rapture (review by MMB)

Rapture (Greece)
Paroxysm of Hatred
22 January 2018
Memento Mori
This thrash band has a good sense of what it takes to make a song. The guitar tone is very sharp, and the riffs are tight and precise, and it all just makes the band sound very professional, that they mean business. Of course, the guitars propel the headbanging, but you should hear this drumming, too. The drumming is done skillfully in the cymbal work, the forcefulness/tightness of the hitting, and the speed are a treat. What a difference it makes to hear a band in which the drumming and guitar playing match each other’s ability pound for pound. By the way, the band is fast and intense, but they also kick it up a notch by switching to blasting mode when they need it. The drum sound is clear, as is the overall production in allowing the bass lines to be heard.
There is a tradition that they have in mind, which is manifested in the realization of their music, how it is crafted, and how it is played. Even more specifically, the band has a particular sound in mind—guitar tone, riffs, drumming techniques, vocal tone and enunciation—that can give them ways to stand out as they let the darkness descend.
They are thrash, but they have an additional extreme edge with an affinity for some aspects of death metal, such the drumming, as already mentioned, and a certain level of energy, a darker vibe. For these reasons, the album sounds like a gem, and should appeal not just to thrash fans in particular but to extreme metal fans in general.

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