Monday, January 8, 2018

Valdur is streaming the entire new album now

[Valdur (U.S.) is misanthropic metal of nihilism executed as brutal black metal savagery. As expected, there is not a whole lot of information about Valdur, but they have making their obscene and grotesque extreme metal of blasphemy for a long time and the recorded output has been regular. The style has changed over the years until it has reached the form of bestial extreme metal of today.]
Divine Cessation
Bloody Mountain Records
1 December 2017
Eastern Sierra Black/Death Metal crew VALDUR released new full-length Divine Cessation December 1 on Bloody Mountain Records. The seven bloodied, snarling tracks therein stand upon a foundation built upon two decades' worth of filth, sweat, and metal. Frighteningly fierce and eschewing trend-chasing nonsense, Divine Cessation is proudly devoid of triggers, click tracks, and Pro-Tools! Divine Cessation was recorded at the Bloody Mountain Bunker by VALDUR, mixed by Matthew (Sxuperion), and mastered by Dan at Morbid Mastering. Album cover art comes courtesy of Farron Loathing.
Track List:
1. Breath of the Beast
2. Divine Cessation
3. The Tail
4. Seething Disgust
5. Doomed
6. Plague Born of a Dying Star*
7. Potent Black Orb
*Lead vocals by Sean Psykho Combat
JF - vocals
Vuke - guitars
William - bass
Matthew - drums
"Metal that's raw, unfiltered, and nasty." - Dead Rhetoric
"If you don't know about Valdur, you need to get acquainted." - No Clean Singing
"The American quartet combines the brutality of U.S. death metal with certain atmospheres typical of black metal in Northern Europe." - Long Live Rock N Roll
"If you are a fan of bestial black and death metal, you should check out this album." - Occult Black Metal Zine

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