Friday, January 5, 2018

ANCST reveal first new track from "Ghosts Of The Timeless Void"

The left-wing extreme metal band Ancst (Germany) will have a new album on March 2, 2018, but before that date a new song is already available to present what's coming up in March. See the official information below.
What has started to move can no longer be stopped: Since its foundation in 2011, ANCST have proved tireless that they are the spearhead of a new wave of hardcore infused black metal coming out of Germany. With a row of releases on renowned underground labels such as Vendetta, Alerta Antifascista, Supreme Chaos or Halo Of Flies, including two albums and an array of Eps and split releases, as well as relentless touring, ANCST has proven their motivation. They want to make a difference and they have something to say! ANCST want to wake their listeners and put their fingers into the wounds. Thus, Ghosts of the Timeless Void has to sound as violent and disillusioning as it does. The band's third album is a mirror of its surroundings and time and an elegy to a world on the verge of decline. While sporting both, a hardcore and a metal socialization, the self proclaimed collective from Berlin perfectly combines fierce melodic black metal and brutal but yet metallic hardcore crust with angry and critical social political lyrics. The unconditional implementation of their convictions, their sound and the emphasized DIY approach makes ANCST and Ghosts of the Timeless Void seem so unique and strong. "Ghosts of the Timeless Void" out March 2nd, 2018 on Lifeforce Records
Striving from different life-perspectives, we see ourselves and each other in individual responsibilities to give this entity any sort of significance. Aware of our beings with all its advantages of modern society, we cannot and won't be able to close our eyes and minds from all this failed concepts we're forced to deal with in our daily bases. Sick of asking whether these concepts make sense in any way or not. These are the voices of the unsatisfied. The marginalised. We're sick of being flawless and adapted. Conditioned to follow or to lead. We have not forgotten to think for ourselves. Take responsibility for ourselves. To share and to feel. This is the wrath of the unassimilated who were forced to participate in this farce. We're tired asking the same unanswered questions and using this collective to create a vent for all the accumulated frustration about democracy, fascists, racists, sexists and all the other fucked up agendas. Our storm will wash it all away. Never stop dreaming....
ANCST - Unmasking the Imposters (full track)

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