Thursday, January 18, 2018

interview: Grimgotts

Grimgotts is a power metal band from the U.K. The band has been consistently releasing new music on its own. They have some free/name-your-price and low-priced releases. Learn more about the band in this interview answered by Andy (vocals).
How is the metal life in London?
London has a fantastic metal scene, as well as a strong power metal fan base. We are able to regularly go and see our favourite bands and chat with them after, which is obviously great!
The band wasn’t based in London at first. How was Horsham/West Sussex before London?
Grimgotts was founded as a 2-piece by myself (Andy) and my childhood friend (Fraser). We never discussed how far we would take the band, but we both relocated to London in 2015. Eventually, Fraser opted to leave the project and I invited Dave, who I met at the University of Leicester to join the band as lead guitarist. We then recruited Fabio, a London-based keyboard player from Italy, and James Taylor, an old friend from Horsham to play bass. We have had a drummer in the ranks in the past, but we’re currently still seeking our final member.
The band formed in 2015. There were two EPs in 2016, an EP, several singles and a full-length album in 2017? How is that possible?!
Given that the band doesn’t currently gig (as much as we would love to!), we decided to compensate for this by being as proactive as humanly possible when it came to recording. We’re looking to bring new music in 2018 ASAP
Who are the current members of the band?
Andy Barton – I am the lead singer, and primary song writer. However, as we’ve developed both Dave and now Fabio have taken an active role in the songwriting, which is great!
David Hills – lead guitars
Fabio Garau – keys
James Taylor – bass
Let’s find out more about the 2017 album Lions of the Sea. Is it an independent album?
Lions of the Sea is an independent album. We all work full time so realistically we had to record when we could in our free time. Stormspell Records have distributed the album, which is fantastic! We would certainly be open to a record label, but for now managing the band on our own works well.
Do you record at home?
We did indeed have to record in our homes. We knew this would have an impact on the overall quality of the record, but needs must! We are planning on record our next single in a studio as we want to have flawless production from now on.
Why is it called Lions of the Sea?
The name just seemed fitting! There’s a nautical theme throughout the album, and we thought it sounded cool!
Where can people hear the full album?
The album is on Spotify, as well as ITunes. However, you can purchase physical copies from CD Baby, or our Bandcamp page.
Do you have merch, too?
As of now, we don’t, but we certainly are looking into it.
What type of working methods do you prefer?
As I mentioned earlier, we all work full time, meaning that we had to record when we could. For me, recording the vocals is physically draining. If I’ve had a long day in the office I will struggle to record for much longer than half an hour in the evening. The entire process took many months.
Has the album generated interest in shows?
Our main focus for this year is to gig. We’re still looking for a drummer, but we’re confident we’ll find the missing link soon!
Is it true you have songs about Harry Potter?
The band started off as a novelty band, with the lyrics focussed on Harry Potter. We did this primarily to be funny. We thought it was funny at least! We’ve moved away from it for now. “Struck by Fire” is about Harry Potter, as is “I am the Hero.” ‘The Ginger Knight’ = Ron Weasley.
Do you get coverage in the U.K.?
We’ve had a lot of reviews, particularly from European blogs, but not so much in the UK. We get a lot radio play though.
Your latest album is priced very reasonably!
We’re not about making money, we do this solely for our own enjoyment and if people enjoy what we do as well, then that’s brilliant!
Do you have any other news?
We hope 2018 will be an exciting year for us! As of now, we’re looking to bring out a single which should be completed before the summer. However, we will be working hard to bring Grimgotts to the stage ASAP! Cheers, Andy.

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