Tuesday, January 9, 2018

Horror Pain Gore Death Productions launch pre-orders for OBSCENE debut EP

[The horror of Indiana goes by the appropriate name of Obscene. Obscene, wouldn't you know it, is death metal the old fashioned way from the days when cannibals roamed the planet plagiarizing the flesh and proselytizing the lines of the Earth. Once again Horror Pain Gore Death Productions wants to pervert the souls of the living and concave the spirit of dead through the old metal of Obscene and that's how the chips are going to fall. Exclaim the Obscene death metal!]
Horror Pain Gore Death Productions have signed Indianapolis' old school Death Metal warriors Obscene and are set to release their debut EP entitled Sermon To The Snake January 19 as digital download. Lurking in the crypts of Indianapolis, Obscene are a fetid decomposing quintet who unleash total Death Metal hell with their first release. Rotting with acid vocals, festering riffs, jaundiced harmonies and drums that bash the body of Christ, Sermon To The Snake features four tracks of complete despair, doom and destruction. Obscene feature current and ex-members of Acheron, Black Goat Of The Woods, Boddicker and other decaying acts in Midwest obscurity. Musical influences run the gamut of death metal from the Floridian swamps to Scandinavian fjords to UK sewers, with lyrical topics dealing with death, time, eternity and the inevitable societal collapse. A must listen for fans of Asphyx, Cianide, Demigod, Edge Of Sanity, Morgoth, Obituary and other warriors of Death. Raise the dead, hail and kill!

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