Thursday, January 11, 2018

NEWS: upcoming album from SLOW (one-person funeral doom)

[Sometimes the name says it all, doesn't it?! You're going to want to sit down and take it easy for this one, friend. It's going to go at the pace of a sloth, it's going to be very atmospheric and it's going to take time for it to be absorbed. Just like you would expect, this work aims for severe heaviness. Now then, this title seeks to get you emotional through the power of the vibes and the maximum deceleration. Will it work for you? Will it do it for the super doom freaks? Find out more in this official information below.]
Artist: Slow
Title: V - Oceans
Style: Funeral Doom Metal
Format: digiCD + Color LP + Digital
Label: code666
Street Date: January 26th, 2018
"V - Oceans", is the new incredible album of the Belgian one man Atmospheric Funeral Doom project SLOW, probably the heaviest thing to come out this year both in terms of sheer mass and the astounding emotional momentum it carries. Drowning in the colossal waves of the sea.
BIO: SLOW (stands for Silence Lives Out/Over Whirlpool ) is a one man band founded in 2007 by Déhà (We All Die (Laughing), Imber Luminis, Clouds, Cult of Erinyes, Merda Mundi, Vaer, ...), playing dark atmospheric funeral doom. In 2017, he joined forces with lyricist Lore B (Ter Ziele) for the concept album “V – Oceans”, the band caught the attention of cult Italian label code666 (Negura Bunget, Ne Obliviscaris, Fen, Void Of Silence, etc…) and a multi-album deal was signed in late October 2017.
„V – Oceans comes about as close to capturing the unimaginable depths of the abyss as the human imagination possibly can. Slow has succeeded in anchoring us to the deepest parts of our planet's aquamarine biosphere with an hour of brooding funeral doom that conjures stark panoramas of dimly lit seascapes and the slow undulations of rolling swells. Much of V - Oceans' success in this regard lies in a masterful production value that gives way to a stunning aquatic landscape resplendently adorned with the gradient pierce of sunlight far above the trenches of the ocean floor. The graceful portraitures of horizonless views give us so much more than that, and the crushingly heavy climaxes and reprieves alike hold many wonderful nuances and hidden flourishes of melody that deepen its sense of reverence and measureless pulchritude. Take “Déluge” for example, and hear how it explodes as tidal waves of breathtaking splendor rise from the ebbing undertows with a herculean politesse. Even the opening track “Aurore” boasts a hair-raising crescendo that rivals the finest cinematic zeniths the genre has ever offered, and through the five epic tracks Slow has given us, there’s not a single moment of restless wanderlust.
V- Oceans is an album speaks volumes with astounding conviction. Effortlessly dynamic thanks to mature and thoughtful compositions, these devastatingly captivating movements rich with blue and grey hues hold your imagination – but more importantly your heart – with a suffocating strength comparable only the power of Poseidon’s realms themselves, and in all actuality it may very well go down as one of the best funeral doom albums ever made.“ Evokaphile, Sputnikmusic

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