Saturday, January 6, 2018

Dragonforce (review by MMB)

Reaching into Infinity (special edition)
Metal Blade Records
I did not realize how negative the reviews have been about this album!
Dragonforce made a promise a long time with the debut album: this is going to be high-speed power metal. What has happened since then? They have delivered exactly what they promised all those years ago. Fast power metal with soaring vocals, headbanging speed and guitars that shred big time. What did they do with this album? They gave precisely what they said they would. Whatever the reasons for the hatred towards this band, I’m glad they have remained committed to their art since day one. I’m late reviewing this album, so I’ll get to the point quickly. The singing is melodic, catchy and awesome. The songs are infectious. The speed, by far, is uptempo, fast and then very fast, too. Some slower moments are present, as they always have been, but they are proportionate. The guitars shred from here to eternity. In short, everything that a diehard fan of European-style fast, melodic power metal could want is here in abundance.
I’m not going to waste your time explaining to you why so many internet warriors feel the need to go out of their way to express their hatred of this band. The facts speak for themselves. This band knows very well how to write catchy songs. They are successful. They are traditional: they do solos, shred, they play fast and are proud of their hard work. They have singing, real singing. They know how to play power metal as fast as extreme metal. They have big lyrics and they are shameless in their belief in themselves in the face of changing times, trends, fashions and moods. The power metal supporter can rely on this band to do the job right. This album is another success for them. I’m glad this band does not bend with the wind.

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