Tuesday, January 9, 2018

Thantifaxath (review by MMB)

Void Masquerading as Matter
release date: November 24th, 2017
label: Dark Descent Records
1.Ocean of Screaming Spheres 09:04
2.Self-Devouring Womb 09:17
3.Cursed Numbers 09:58
4.Void Masquerading as Matter 07:33
total time 35:52
The band, perhaps, is planning its next star trek with an eye towards outmaneuvering the previous work Sacred White Noise, praised by more than a few people. For now, the Canadians have issued an EP that is a two-sided coin of black metal and ambient landscapes. The black metal is minimalist and caustic. The corrosive nature of this music is appealing to those pledged to the most extreme sounds with raspy vocals and hard-driving sounds. This side will please many black metal fanatics.
On the other hand, the second aspect is a marked contrast from extreme metal. At times the ambient elements, to me, seem like eerie sounds meant to be heard at night or in the dark or with headphones. The listener has to be committed to the ambient part. It’s not just 30 seconds or an introductory segment here and there. For instance, the title track is ambient for the whole time; something like horror-yoga-space sounds.
For these reasons, it is a good idea to explore the EP with a chill attitude.

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