Friday, January 19, 2018

Ram (review by MMB)

Metal Blade Records
3 November 2017
The veterans of traditional cult heavy metal of the darkside have much to offer to the audiences longing to find classic-style songs. Ram understands its music as anthems of the dark, with big pounding riffs, with songs that cause heads to bang and fists to raise in the air. Whether it is about the horrors of totalitarianism or about a horror movie, Ram is music of the darkside, where guitars are very important: big, headbanging riffs, solos and hooks. Ram is a band that takes pride in the music that is its expertise and its tradition. There is an emphasis on guitars, guitars and more guitars. Ram believes in songs that rock, and that’s what they do. Heavy metal, according to the Swedish veterans, is music to rock.
The album opens with four songs that go for maximum cult heavy metal. It is a strong series of songs. Next is a six-part story called “Ramrod the Destroyer.” The first part is a two-minute introduction. It’s not too long, then they launch into a song proper. The vibe is cult heavy metal with an epic feel. Next is a song with some moments of clean guitars, and some of the most melodic singing on the album; well, melodic in the sense of Ram music from the graveside. Then, a quick introduction gives way to a barnstormer with possibly the highest screaming on the whole album. The double-kick drumming adds extra horsepower. The last segment winds down with a somber moment that takes it to the end with some screaming guitars of the abyss.
Another Ram album. Another success. Another triumphant defense of the faith and the oath: traditional cult heavy metal of the darkside. Play it again, friend, and play it loud.
1.Declaration of Independence 07:12
2.On Wings of No Return 03:55
3.Gulag 07:20
4.A Throne at Midnight 04:42
5.Ramrod the Destroyer, Pt. 1: Anno Infinitus 02:11
6.Ramrod the Destroyer, Pt. 2: Ignitor 07:47
7.Ramrod the Destroyer, Pt. 3: The Cease to Be 05:51
8.Ramrod the Destroyer, Pt. 4: Voices of Death 01:13
9.Ramrod the Destroyer, Pt. 5: Incinerating Storms 04:33
10.Ramrod the Destroyer, Pt. 6: Ashes 02:11
total time 46:55

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