Wednesday, January 24, 2018

interview: Born Without Blood

Brutal metal cavemen Born Without Blood have been making a name for themselves in the Seattle region by giving the audiences intense extreme metal. They have been breaking in a new growler, and things are coming along well, as you will read here. The gunslinger Justin Metal answered these questions about the band’s current activities.
What’s happening with Born Without Blood, and who are the members of the band?
We are looking forward to an exciting year of melting faces off! Justin Metal (founder/ guitarist), Kyle Huntress (guitarist), Erick Pacheco (bassist), Scott Sandefur (drummer), Taylor Waugh(vocals)
Is Born Without Blood a relatively new band?
Kind of, we are definitely still growing in the scene. It started as a project in 2011 and grew from there. We have been actively playing out for 2 years now.
Tell us about your recorded music.
We had some music on YouTube, but since we changed vocalist we have been working on our first EP. We are about to release our first EP.
What about playing shows?
We love playing shows! Playing shows is the best way to get your name out there so we tried to take every show given to us.
What are some problems that you have had to overcome?
It was pretty tough finding a solid front person. We've gone through 3 "permanent" vocalists before our current vocalist Taylor who is super dedicated and willing to improve his skills. Not a problem per se but it's also rough playing shows on Tuesday nights for the door guy, bartender, and another band, but paying those dues has had great rewards in the past few months.
Are there plenty of venues in the Seattle area?
Totally, almost too many. Seattle has a very saturated music scene in many genres and there are tons of venues we can play, but nowadays it's more about getting on a quality bill where lots of people who never saw us before will be at.
Does everyone agree on the music style? How do you describe it?
Our mission statement from the beginning has been to be brutal and heavy, so no one really taken issue with our sound. We are, how do I put it, blackened melodic death metal. We are influenced by the old school death metal and thrash.
Have you found good studios to record?
We recorded our upcoming EP at Birdhouse Studios in Ballard. Finding a good studio in terms of price/quality/availability can be a challenge, though.
Do you have any other news?
We are planning to release our first EP in the next month or so. And we are playing our 2nd anniversary show at the Monkey Pub in the u-district (Seattle) on February 24th.

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