Tuesday, January 23, 2018

Seattle metal mavericks RHINE announce the end, not really

Here's the announcement:
"Hey folks, Gabe here. It's about time I made this announcement. Sadly Rhine is now broken up, but not forever. It was a great 3 years, we came a long way and ultimately due to differences in taste and musical goals decided to go our separate ways. I am endlessly grateful to Alex, Carlos and James for going along with all my weird ideas and really helping to shape the sound and promote band. Their influence on my writing style was significant, and the new material that I've written is both heavier and catchier as a result, and I'm super exited to release it! I will be recording a 3rd full length album this year, and when that is done I'll get the band back together and hit the road! Until then you can find me doing vocals for Whythre and Carlos is still beating the skins for Rat King. I'll be dropping some progress reports on the album soon! Cheers"

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