Monday, January 22, 2018

Grimtone (review by MMB)

Memento Mori
Extreme Metal Music
8 December 2017
Grimtone is raging black metal of the most zealous altitudes of allegiance to the razor-sharp frenetic covenant. Classic-minded black metal as a raw and fast praxis informs everything about Grimtone’s frenzied and blasting metal. For the stubbornly supportive of the genre, the sheer will to carry out this type of ideas is in and of itself commendable; however, that is not the best thing about this convincing work by the Swedish entity. The most important thing underlying the album is the ability to keep the foot pressed down all the way to the metal practically at all times, and the method of constructing songs that will win over immediately people looking for an intense experience of to-the-point fast black metal of some 30 minutes. Perhaps the reason that the music works well is the sense of urgency, the feeling that this album is meant to have a clear purpose: black metal devotion. Do you or do you not want traditional, no-nonsense, fast and abrasive black metal?
Press play. Thirty seconds of quiet. Then off to the races. Tremolo. Blasting. Demonic vocals. Fast melodies. Thirty minutes later, it’s over. Lean and mean. Play it again.

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