Friday, January 12, 2018

NEWS: Static Tension to put out CD release of DEAD RIVER RUNS DRY

[Static Tension will issue a new version of this previously self-released album by extreme metallers Dead River Runs Dry. Below you will find the official information relevant to this album.]
DEAD RIVER RUNS DRY (Australia) - 'Hierophants of the Storm' Hardcover Digipak CD (January 26th, 2018)
Genre - Black/Death Metal
Release Date - January 26th, 2018
Record Label - Static Tension Records (US)
For fans of - Malokarpatan, Abigor, Stargazer, Drudkh, Portal, Necromantia, (early) Samael
US-based label Static Tension Recordings are proud to unearth Australian black/death metallers Dead River Runs Dry and their acclaimed album 'Hierophants of the Storm'. Unlike most other bands in the style, their approach is rather unique in that they weave in influences of classic metal and change the texture of it altogether. Pummelling parts go alongside lush black metal riffs, as the album explores new territories and changes the landscape of the style. Originally self-released, it sees a beautiful hardcover digipak CD edition for the first time. Don't miss out on this fine gem of a release.
Track list:
1. Initium - Immolating The Burden Of Hope 03:18
2. Only Skies Remain 04:21
3. Stormreaper 04:13
4. Medicio de la Peste Negre 02:29
5. Skull of the Wind 04:57
6. Bow Your Head, Scum 05:30
7. Revenge Upon Fate 05:09
8. Hyperic Vortex 03:45
9. By Hook or by Crook 03:15
10. For the Fallen 06:41
Biography: A charred black slab of ruthless venom that only a country like Australia could spit out, Dead River Runs Dry is an obsession with the annihilation of constraint, a savage reaction to existence as determined by ignorance and an insight into further paradigms that are offered through experience alone...
After receiving accolades from around the globe for their ominous "Winter 2012" release and delivering a series of blistering live performances on Australia’s eastern front, Dead River Runs Dry's debut album, "Hierophants of the Storm" is available now.
"Hierophants of the Storm" is an album that embodies the elemental characteristics of the natural phenomena that are storms. Merging fragments of black metal and sub-genre offshoots of hard rock/heavy metal, haunting melody and a slight psychedelic/‘experimental’ edge, "Hierophants…" showcases a band making a bold statement of intent early in their lifespan, refusing to be bound by genres.

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