Tuesday, November 10, 2015

reminder: new Metal Bulletin Zine, number 62

This past weekend there was a new issue of Metal Bulletin Zine: number 62. The issue covers:
Under the Church
Vanden Plas
Cauterized (WA state)
Night Viper
--Excuse All the Blood metal show’s Seamus top bands of all time
--news & updates: Pessimist, Un (Washington state), Shadowkiller, Necrocosm, Obscene Entity
--free metal music: Lifeproof, Oceans of Flesh, Nydeshka, Aberathiedeus, Ice Sword, Vilkun, Diabolic Storm, Consilium, Stealclaw, Sepulchre, Asarhaddon, Delphos, Them Vultures, Lord Gallows, White Bones, GutterSkull, Mattugur, Tyler Hutson

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