Wednesday, November 11, 2015

news & updates: Kill Ritual

Kill Ritual
Karma Machine
Scarlet Records
release: 18 September 2015
This band is not goregrind, not slam death metal, not deathcore and not brutal death metal, despite their extreme metal-sounding name. Kill Ritual is all about the shredding and guitar mastery, thrashing riffs, pounding rhythms and traditional metal singing. The band started in 2010, but there’s more to the story here. The band is led by Steven Rice from Imagika, the thrash/power metal band from California, U.S. that lasted from 1993-2010. As you can see, this is Mr. Rice’s post-Imagika adventure, but fear not: the idea is basically the same, to concentrate on that thrash/power/prog area of metal music. Kill Ritual has two previous albums, ‘The Serpentine Ritual’ (2012) and ‘The Eyes Of Medusa’ (2014). The album is recommended for people that prefer more sophisticated forms of thrash (not the punk/hardcore stuff), with more skill and higher standards, and that also like the prog metal elements.

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