Friday, November 6, 2015

news & updates: Night Viper

Night Viper
Traditional heavy metal band Night Viper from Sweden have been making a little bit of noise, but things are about to get louder now because they have a new full-length album to feed to the hungry metal masses. They are from Gothenburg, a city that they have been working to bring under the hammer of Night Viper. To Metal Bulletin Zine this band is completely new and just found about them in last couple of weeks. I like what I hear! Come get some heavy metal and let the Night Viper show the metal way. The band is: Tom, Jonna, Sofie Lee, Ruben, Emil. They are on Svart Records. The band has some shows that are upcoming.
Dec. 4: Karlstad, Heaven & Hell
Dec. 12: Jönköping, Kulturhuset (with Nocturnalia)
Dec. 19: Göteborg, Truckstop Alaska (with Nightmare City, Night, Indian Nightmare)

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