Wednesday, November 4, 2015

news & updates: Pessimist

Pessimist (U.S.)
Slaughtering the Faithful [reissue]
Obscure Musick
release: 31 October 2015
The underground death metal veterans have returned and they say that their next album will be called “Keys to the Underworld.” However, before that happens, the band wants you to know that they have the 2015 reissue of the 2002 album “Slaughtering the Faithful.” The album nowadays stands as strong documentation of everything that they can do in their own twisted version of influences coming from their predecessors like Morbid Angel and Deicide. In particular, Pessimist music sounds very close to the blastattack death metal of Krisiun or Hate Eternal around the late 90s, when death metal was on the upswing again. Pessimist is the band of founder guitarist Kelly McLauchlin, who has toured and recorded with Diabolic, Angelcorpse, Unholy Ghost and Possessed.
You also might find it useful to know the official information: This special CD release also includes bonus tracks, “Summoned to Suffer” 2000 Demo and a live in-studio performance on WNYU's (89.1 FM) widely recognized Hellhole show. The digital-only release includes 3 additional bonus tracks; live rehearsal tapes from the “Slaughtering” demos, featuring recently-deceased drummer, John Grden (RIP).
Slaughtering the Faithful is the first of three PESSIMIST reissues coming your way from Obscure Musick. Reissues of 1997's Cult of the Initiated and 1999's Blood For the Gods are scheduled for 2016 in March and September, respectively.

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