Thursday, November 5, 2015


Ephyra (Italy)
Along The Path
Bakerteam Records
release: 20 November 2015
Somewhere between power metal, folk metal, and extreme metal the band is carving up its own territory, marking it as they go along. This is the band’s second album, which comes after the 2013 album “Journey.” The band rejects ideas for songs that are not instantly memorable and that’s why the album hits the ground running and works tirelessly to convince you to mosh or to party like every day is Oktoberfest. My goodness, those German crowds will eat this up! The vocals consist of a two-voice mode of melodic, traditional singing, which is backed up with growling. The growling is present throughout the album, and it’s there as an important contrast of the various elements of the uptempo, melodic band. Depending on a particular moment, you will hear some very folky segments or some “melodic death metal” vibes or symphonic clouds or huge sing-along choruses that call you out to rise and bang your head. The band has a made a professional recording, with a clear production that allows the songs to be heard in full. What would happen if folk metal, power metal and extreme metal got together for an Oktoberfest party or for a Lord of the Rings marathon or just a normal Wacken mud party? The answer is Ephyra.
EPHYRA - 'All At Once' official video

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