Friday, November 13, 2015

news & updates: Evilheart

Quinquaginta (Re-Release Sept 15, 2015)
Test Your Metal Records
release: 15 September 2015
Some people have observed that Evilheart is Mexico's answer to Austria's black/death mongers Belphegor, and from the sounds of the album, it is difficult to argue. It just goes to show that this sound has spread far and wide, and bands are incorporating the black metal blasting and guitar work with death metal vocals and heaviness for a combination that seeks to have the best of both worlds, while eliminating what the bands consider the weaker elements: the low-budget sound of black metal and the uncreative/formulaic death metal. The band is actually not a new one. They say that they formed way back in 1999. They have three full-length albums now, including this one. They have also done their share of touring, including a recent tour in Canada in September. Is this band on the rise? With an album like this, then it’s safe to assume that the supporters of the genre will take notice of the Mexican band.

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