Friday, November 6, 2015

news & updates: Shadowkiller

Shadowkiller (U.S.)
Until The War Is Won
RELEASE: 28th August 2015
Supporters of traditional heavy metal should give Shadowkiller a chance. This 2015 album is called “Until the War Is Won” and it has the following tracks:
1.Flames of War 06:47
2.Generation Strong 06:02
3.Legacy 05:21
4.A Price for Freedom 05:44
5.Staring into Oblivion 07:10
6.Survival 05:54
7.The Blood of Many 05:17
8.Until the War Is Won 05:05
9.We Stand Unbroken 07:10
total time 54:30
The band is a heavy/power metal band with catchy songs with melody and with headbanging riffs. The band is not a soft type of traditional metal. It’s melodic, but with war themes and with a keep-it-true attitude. This is the band’s second album. The first one was called “Slaves Of Egypt“ and it was released in 2013. The album is a professional recording and the band certainly shows expertise in its chosen field. If you support traditional heavy metal metal and you not have heard Shadowkiller, then it’s about time to correct that situation.
Shadowkiller - Flames Of War

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