Friday, November 6, 2015

news and updates: Cauterized

This week I want to bring to your attention Cauterized from the state of Washington. Unfortunately, I do not have a whole lot of information about them because I have not met these fine gentlemen nor witnessed them in concert nor seen them eating a burrito at the local taco truck down by the river, where I live. If you force them to give you a label for the barrage of extreme metal that they play, they will probably answer you with “We are a death/grind band.” From what I see, the band is:
Jullian “Jules” Rhea: guitar abomination
Zach “The Z” Nehl: drum basher
Samuel “Ozzy” Osborne: guitar obstruction and angry animal growls
Chelsea “Cheezit” Loh: bass reconfiguration
I’m not sure where in Washington they are located, but they say that their home is Seattle. If you would like to get with this metal music, start on the Facebook and tell them that Metal Bulletin Zine sent ya. Tell them to stop being so mysterious, too. email:

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