Saturday, November 14, 2015


Metal Blade
release: 13 November 2015
Mirror’s metal is the transitional sound from the 70s to the 80s. The band pays tribute to metal’s past in various ways. You might hear a bit of Zep/Sabbath/Purple, a bit of Uriah Heep or Rainbow, or some Witchfynde or Diamond Head, including song quotations from Sabbath’s “Country Girl” or Diamond Head’s “Am I Evil?,” so on and so forth. Overall, they come across as a young New Wave of British Heavy Metal band that is making a clear statement in defense of the heavy metal. In 2015, the music is basically making the same point about the days when heavy metal was much younger, more demanding of talent, but looser in terms of genre definitions and limits; more swagger, higher standards, less stylistic stiffness.
You might find it strange that this music is from people who come from an extreme metal background: the band’s leader is Tas Danazoglou from black/thrash band Satan’s Wrath (Greece). You wouldn’t think that Matt Olivo from 80s grind foundational band Repulsion (U.S.) would be involved, too. So is Satan’s Wrath guitarist Stamos K. The singer is Jimmy Mavromatis, who is a new name to me.
Mirror’s idea is that the past is alive. I believe it.

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