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Conceived by Hate

Conceived by Hate
This is an extreme metal band from El Salvador in Central America. This interview provides an introduction into the band’s history and events going on currently. Their latest recording is called “Coalition of Death” and it’s a split with Akheron, a Colombian band. This interview is answered by Morbid (guitars and vocals). The band is from San Salvador, the capital.
Hello, how is life for Conceived by Hate in San Salvador in 2015?
[Morbid] Well, I cannot speak for the other guys, but in general I think this place is fucked up. I mean, in my humble opinion, every year that passes the situation related to quality of life is getting worse, a lot of corruption, bad governments and a lot of criminal acts. I think you get used to it. That is what I can say about the context of our city and maybe the whole country, on the other hand every member has a different personal life so I cannot speak too much about it.
The band has released recordings in 2012, 2013, 2014 and 2015. Does the band make its own independent recordings every year?
[Morbid] Yes, I own a recording studio which mainly I use for the recordings of the bands on which I am involved as member, that has made it easy to keep recording stuff at our own timing without getting extra costs.
Do you play many concerts in El Salvador?
[Morbid] I guess we play like one or two shows in a month in average and we try to go out to play other places outside the capital but lately it has been more difficult since it seems due to violence and organized crime those places are not so safe for people to come to a show, so I have seen that shows outside San Salvador are less than other years so we cannot do much about it.
The band started in 2002 as Spiritual Demise. In that time, were there opportunities for the band to play shows in other countries of Central America? Has the band played shows in Mexico or the U.S. or South America?
[Morbid] Yes, that was my original name for the band that was lately changed to get a long better with other member's vision, unfortunately we have not been able to play neither Mexico nor Central America and I think it is because we are not used to be bootlickers, most of the things for big shows are like that here, so I guess that is something not in our favor ha ha, but we got confirmed for our first mini-tour in Europe for next March 2016 supporting Nargaroth.
The band has a recording in 2015 called "Coalition of Death," which is a split with Akheron (Colombia). What can you tell us about the musical direction in comparison with the past recordings?
[Morbid] Of course, there are some differences, but I think I tried to keep a more simple structure for the songs a more in your face riffing. In a way, I guess there is more of a death metal vibe, but that is just my impression, I certainly tried to keep it simple, but the songs always came of naturally so I did not tried to force the sound to be similar to X or Y band.
You have a cover Dissection's "Thorns of Crimson Death." What were the reasons for doing the Dissection cover?
Morbid] Dissection is one of my all time favorite bands because of the music and the philosophy its applied on it, on this band it was not just music it was a persecution to find a way of an answer to the unknown.
The cover shows a bit of different side of Conceived by Hate, it shows a bit more of a melodic black metal. Therefore, Conceived by Hate can play different styles of extreme metal. Do you have any predictions about the sounds of music by Conceived by Hate?!
Morbid] Thanks for your words, not sure if we are good on playing different styles I just try to play with the heart instead of emulating a music genre, but I do have a strong background influences mainly on the old death and black metal bands. I did not have any prediction but I was sure that the music will have to be aggressive and sometimes melancholic in the early days.
Where do you see the music going in the future?
Morbid] I think the frontiers between countries in the music industry will get shorter and shorter due to Internet, I guess there is a revival of the old times, but it certainly is a cycle so I see that metal could be depressed again in some years if no new bands are coming and staying making honest music.
Metal Archives and Facebook says that the band is six persons. Carlos Basagoitia (bass), Morbid (guitar/vomits), Tulio Mata (keyboards), René Vega (guitar), Iosif Najarro (drums), HellBastard (vomits). Is this information correct?
Morbid] Currently we are a 5 piece since HellBastard is no longer a part of Conceived By Hate. For recordings we are currently a 5 piece, but a good friend of ours Aldair Mejía is doing the live vocals.
Are the members of the band in other musical projects in El Salvador? What are some bands from El Salvador that you like? What are the styles of metal that are popular in El Salvador?
[Morbid] Yes, some of the members are working in other projects and so do I. Not sure which styles of metal are most popular, but I guess the black metal is well received and very popular but not sure, I try to keep me isolated in a way from the scene in order to keep my compositions not influenced for what is “successful” or not locally, but there are certainly good bands out there specially from young people that has the passion and still not the fashion. What can you tell us about Morbid Skull Records? Is it difficult to have a record label in El Salvador? Is this company your own record label?
Morbid] Of course, it’s difficult, but it’s my new baby ha ha. Yes, I own Morbid Skull Records and basically I manage it on my own so its quite demanding some times when all comes together. I always had that intention to have a label since I remember, in my early days my label was called P.U.S. Records.
Does Conceived by Hate have political themes in the lyrics? Do you personally have strong opinions about politics in El Salvador, about the political parties Arena and Fmln?
[Morbid] Yes, some lyrics could be considered political, but I think they are just ways of describing a reality that we all see but in a way cannot do much about it to change it without getting in trouble, killed or in jail. This reality on the gap between the ones that has it all and the ones that do not have much is always present especially in Latin America. I really do not care much about the local political parties. I am tired of the same shit.
How do you see the problems of violence in El Salvador? Here in the U.S. there are violent shootings at schools and churches and some people call it terrorism and things like that. What is your opinion about the situation in El Salvador?
[Morbid] I think we are fucked up. This is a complex problem and I certainly do not have all the information since there are faces behind that are controlling and know exactly why this is happening, we are just the people in the middle.
The original name of the band was Spiritual Demise in 2002, correct? How was the situation for metal bands in El Salvador at the time?
[Morbid] Yes, that was the original name of the band and the concept was a medium to express the obscure side of the soul. I think those were the golden days of metal in El Salvador ha ha, I remember there was a lot of passion in the music and there were not many bands in the 90s, about the 2000s I think because of Internet more bands were emerging and international bands started to come to El Salvador for shows so I think the movement started to grow but in my humble way passion was not the same than in the 90s. It was rough to find recording studios and that is why I started to save money to buy my own recording gear.
Why did you change the name? Was it because the music changed?
[Morbid] The name was changed because some of the members I think will not like it because it was against their personal beliefs.
How are things different for metal bands in 2015 in El Salvador, in your opinion?
[Morbid] Now there are more ways on how to promote your music and your band using INTERNET, also there is more information in the web to get influenced by. There are much more opportunities and maybe things are easier than in the past.
What are your future plans for the rest of 2015 and for 2016? Do you have new music planned?!
[Morbid] We are currently recording our new full-length that will be released on 2016. My plans is to keep creating music for this and other releases and in March we go to the mini-tour supporting Nargaroth and I am working in another stuff so I will continue moving forward.
How can people find out about the news about Conceived by Hate?
[Morbid] You can follow us in the below links and yes I use FB also:
What are other things that you would like to mention in this interview?!
[Morbid] Thank you for your interest and for the questions and maybe if there are some European readers check out the small tour we will be doing on March 2016. Support Nargaroth maybe we can meet there, cheers!
Friday 18-Mar Arlon (BEL) "L'Entrepot"
Saturday 19-Mar Apeldoorn (HOL) "Gigant"
Sunday 20-Mar Erfurt (GER) "Club From Hell"
Monday 21-Mar Bratislava (SVK) "Randall Club"
Tuesday 22-Mar Vienna (AUT) "Viper Room"
Wednesday 23-Mar Rostock (GER) "Alte Zuckerfabrik"
Thursday 24-Mar Leiden (HOL) “Gebr. De Nobel"
Friday 25-Mar Oberhausen (GER) "Helvete"
NARGAROTH (Germany) CONCEIVED BY HATE (El Salvador) NOCTEM (Spain) FAANEFJELL (Norway) Thank you for your time! THE END

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