Wednesday, November 18, 2015


Bad Omen Records
Release: 16 October 2015
Flight is a good example of the rebellion against the robotization of metal music. This rebellion is often taken up by strong-willed bands that have their own perspective on things. Flight (Norway) is a traditional heavy metal band founded in 2012. More specifically, the spirit of the band is all about the sound of the young heavy metal of the New Wave of British Heavy Metal, around 1979 to 1981, more or less. The drum playing sounds human, not like a computer.
The album begins in a good way and quickly establishes that the band is not stingy on the riffs at all. As the album progresses something else happens: Are the songs getting better or is it a case of the listener understanding the songs better? What happens after repeated listens? Well, the band must be plenty confident of its abilities because they have done something unusual: they have put the stronger songs on the second half! There you go, the band breaks another rule. That way, you don’t have to worry about the band ending the album with a whimper or with filler. The album begins with the self-titled song “Flight” to get the juices going. From there on forward, it feels like the album just gets better and better.
The band lets out the soloing and whole new cans full of riffs. Some albums run out of gas by the middle. That’s not the case here. The band has a plan, to go strong to the finish, and they do.
Overall, I feel comfortable saying that this band will be a very pleasant surprise for the enthusiasts of the sound of the late 70s and early 80s: Satan, Witchfynde, Tygers of Pan Tang, Blitzkrieg, Holocaust, Saxon, Iron Maiden, Clove Hoof, Diamond Head and also some old bands from Scandinavia and Finland: Heavy Load, Oz, Gotham City, so on and so forth. I mention those bands not because Flight sounds like any one of those in particular, but rather because the spirit of Flight seems very inspired by the sounds of the era of young heavy metal.
Flight is the name. Heavy metal is the game.

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