Saturday, November 14, 2015


Darkness Evermore
20 Buck Spin
release: 11 September 2015
In 2014 the band delivered “The Living Ever Mourn” an impressive work of nebulous, foggy pastiche in the area of death/black/doom metal. Now in 2015 they return with another album that once again manages to do the improbable: work different genres in a very smooth, non-jarring, non-irritating and very pleasant way. The melancholy and the melody once again take over as the indispensable elements of the music. The vocals tend to be on the low end of growling, and the vocals sound like an additional instrument and mesh very well with the strong atmosphere of the album. The pace is sometimes slow, very much in the doom vibes, but then it will pick up to headbanging rhythm with black metal guitar work within the production of a thick death/doom album. The sound quality is more on the side of old school primitive spirit, and not the clinically perfect sound of modern/extreme metal. The band gives the listener control of the volume: if you want to really hear everything, you can turn it up to a high volume and it will not be annoying, like many modern extreme metal recordings can be. The band is anchored by Todd Burdette (Tragedy, His Hero Is Gone, Warcry) and Tim Call (Aldebaran, Mournful Congregation, Sempiternal Dusk, Saturnalia Temple): this means that they are very knowledgeable and skilled at the Nightfell sound. Another success for the band.

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