Tuesday, November 10, 2015

free death metal recording: Fight the Demiurge

Fight the Demiurge
The War at the Edge of Existence
release date: May 1st, 2014
In case you have not seen this before, this is a free recording. It's a brutal death metal solo project by Samantha Michelle Smith. Metal Archives gives the following list for her activities: Ennoea, ex-Broken Anatomy, ex-Guttural Slug, ex-Break the Sky, ex-Five Years Into Forever, ex-Flesh, ex-Suffer, ex-Tenebrae, ex-Unknown and Broken.
The bio states:
Fight The Demiurge is a Brutal Death Metal band. Fight The Demiurge was formed as a Southern Deathcore band by Samantha Smith and Tim Saveall in 2011. Tim left the band January 30, 2012. In June of 2012, Samantha started recording new material alone for Fight The Demiurge, taking the music in a very different direction and playing brutal death metal. The Demo Mandated was released in early 2012, with artwork designed by Giovanni Jeckler of DR. JKLR DESIGNZ. The EP Hypostasis of The Archons was recorded at Broken Anatomy Studios and released on 11/13/2012. Fight The Demiurge ceased to be a solo project for a time in 2013, when Zach Krauss of Whore Torture and Stabbing Ritual fame joined on the drums, taking over from Samantha who continued to focus on guitar, and vocals. In late 2013, Sam and Zach put out the split album Wallowing in the Depths of Humanity's Depravity with Whore Torture before Zach left the band. Fast forward to May of 2014. Fight the Demiurge was back with a new logo and a new sound. The War At The Edge of Existence was released May 1 2014 to rave reviews, with metalsucks saying "The songs featured on the project’s debut full-length, The War at the Edge of Existence, aren’t just the kinda tunes which will demand mandatory moshing; they’re also flypaper catchy." Fight The Demiurge is now working on the as yet untitled followup, with a possible release date of late 2015-early 2016.
1.The End of All Things 03:03
2.The War at the Edge of Existence 03:09
3.Annihilation 01:30
4.Torn 01:56
5.Parallax 02:03
6.The Coming 02:11
7.Blinded 01:39
total time 15:31

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