Monday, November 9, 2015

free death metal recording: Astigarraga Thrower

Astigarraga Thrower is death metal from Spain. The band's name and logo is a clear reference to their love of Bolt Thrower death metal, which is expressed on this recording. The band's lyrics are in the Basque language.
"Aiako Harria" by Astigarraga Thrower
release date: November 3rd, 2015
1.Aurpegi Beltzuak 02:05
2.Harria Sutan 05:20
3.Oiartzun 02:22
4.Burdinbide 03:24
5.Añorgako Kantina 05:32
total time 18:43
on this recording the band is:
Xavier - vocals (Kamorrah, Ósserp, ex-Crani Sèptic)
Albert - guitars (Insulters, Akocedakor, ex-Crani Sèptic, ex-Cruz, ex-Deftan 70)
Rambo - bass (Kamorrah, Helde, Ancient Emblem, Logical End, ex-Iron Batasuna,ex-Anosognosia)
Michel - drums (Morbid Flesh, Tort, Cuerno, ex-La Matanza, ex-Diseased, ex.Storm of Diseased)

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