Thursday, July 25, 2013

the student (Exhumed) and the master (Carcass) in 2013

the student (Exhumed) and the master (Carcass) in 2013: Exhumed (U.S.): "Necrocracy"
I hope that you are excited for what's about to happen! Both Exhumed and Carcass are about to release new albums. Exhumed's album "Necrocracy" will be published in August and Carcass' album "Surgical Steel" will be released in September. Essentially, it means that you will have two Carcass albums to enjoy. Carcass' last studio album was in 1996, and in 1998 Exhumed emerged with their debut, a relatively honest Carcass-worshipping album. Ever since then, Exhumed has, more or less, followed Carcass' musical change from goregrind to quality death metal with heavy metal melodies.
Don't be fooled by Exhumed's stupid image and gimmick, the actual music is quite good!
Exhumed's music is actually classy, catchy and tuneful death metal, although as you can see, the band is trapped in an image that they came up with, most likely, when they were teenagers and wanted to get attention with horror movie shock jock image. (their first demo is from 1992).
In this album there are mainly two vocal styles: the low grumble and the more normal death metal growling, just like in classic Carcass. Often, the vibe recalls Carcass' "Symphonies of Sickness" and "Necroticism": the riffs, the soloing, the drumming are all classic Carcass. Exhumed has done another very interesting job of continuing the tradition of Carcass, even though Carcass has been gone for a long, long time. Now, that Carcass is back, I think things will be interesting for total Carcass listeners.
How will the new Carcass album compare with classic Carcass? Disappointment is often the case!
It is very likely that Carcass will disappoint the fans of the classic sound, especially if Carcass will sound more like "melodic death metal" in the style of the album "Heartwork," an album in which Carcass abandoned death metal and became more of a traditional heavy metal band, with growled vocals.
At any rate, we are about to find out, aren't we?
I think that Exhumed is just as anxious to hear the new Carcass, as lots of other fans are. Either way, I know that I have enjoyed Exhumed's album.

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