Tuesday, July 23, 2013

NWOBHM-ish occult doom/heavy metal: Magister Templi (Norway): "Lucifer Leviathan Logos"

NWOBHM-ish occult doom: Magister Templi (Norway): "Lucifer Leviathan Logos"
I highly recommend this album if you love bands that worship the New Wave of British Heavy Metal and old heavy metal, especially old doom.
The band's debut full-length album goes all out for the old school production and songs, somewhere between early 80s doom, late 70s traditional heavy metal and obscure heavy metal. Thus, whether it's the vibe of Witchfinder General or the "cult" sounds of Manilla Road, this band Magister Templi works a very niche corner of metal music.
There are headbanging moments, the typical metal cheeseball lyrics, a rocking feel, some galloping guitar work, all of them topped with a vocalist that sounds appropriately street/biker/dirty rock, kind of punk-ish at times.
They have the enthusiasm and the songs. It's a strong debut, I believe, and they can definitely build on this beginning. Of course, if you like old heavy metal, these songs are instantly likable, which means that your subconscious has, sort of, already heard bits and pieces of these songs, it has heard the influences and recognizes them, which is why the songs sound comfortable.
The second album should be one to watch: which direction will they go, more retro or will they get a bit more adventurous?

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