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multitalented metal musician: Vanessa Nocera (part 1)

Vanessa Nocera: multitalented metal musician (part 1)
My introduction to the works of Vanessa Nocera began with the death metal album “Voodo Dawn” by Skeletal Spectre. For me, the combination of Vanessa’s growl-snarl and the classic-Stockholm death metal guitar sound of Skeletal Spectre was fun from the moment I heard it. I figured it was time to find out more about Skeletal Spectre. In the process, I found out a boatload of interesting information!
This is first part of the interview with Vanessa Nocera. It deals mostly with things related to Skeletal Spectre. Later on I will post the second part, and in that section, Vanessa talks about her other musical projects. But, for now, this is your chance to learn about Skeletal Spectre. If you like classic death metal, you’ll be pleased to hear this music. You’ll also be pleased to hear who is playing guitars on this, as it is one of the most dedicated practitioners of classic-style Stockholm-sound death metal today.
Anyway, there’s more Vanessa Nocera music to tell you about in the next portion of the interview. Here’s part 1 for now.
For Skeletal Spectre, only you are identified by name. The other people in the project have hidden identities. Are their identities hidden because of legal/contract reasons, or for fun?
Vanessa: To be honest, I’m not sure why the original members decided to not use their real names. Over time it was sort of found out by people the Rogga (Beyond the Pentagram) was the mastermind behind the music because you can definitely tell it’s his style. I entertained the thought of using an alias when I joined, but I felt like I should just use my name.
Is Rogga Johansson involved? I ask because that guitar tone sounds like someone who loves the old Stockholm-style death metal guitar sound.
Vanessa: Yes, as stated before, Rogga is the main musician in the band. He writes all the music and performs all instruments, except drums. We knew keeping that secret wouldn’t work with some people, haha!
The "Flip-Side of Satan" has traditional metal singing! That took me by surprise! How many times how you heard people say that you and Doro Pesch, the metal queen, sound alike?!
Vanessa: That’s the first time I’ve heard a comparison to Doro, but I’ll take it. I have many other bands in which I have done clean singing in. WOODEN STAKE is one where I do a mix of clean singing and growls, and I’ve heard comparisons to performers such as Stevie Nicks, Siouxsie Sioux, Kat Bjelland, and even Madonna. I also did some clean singing on the cover song “Devil’s Son” with my other band SCAREMAKER as the closing track on our debut album “What Evil Have They Summoned…”, and there is more to come from me as far as clear vocals go.
Skeletal Spectre was released on Pulverised Records. What are the company's legal obligations and what are yours? I'm assuming that you basically never see any money from music sales because of downloading and also because of the costs of publicizing Skeletal Spectre.
Vanessa: I co-own and co-operate Razorback Recordings, so basically my payment was quite a few copies to stock in our mailorder to sell and the other bandmates received copies, too. The album is selling well on our end though, so that’s all I know as far as how well sales are. I’ll ask eventually how the album is doing for them, but I’m not fully clear on how they advertise.
What about the costs of the recording? I'm curious as to how a band like Skeletal Spectre finds money to make music in a world in which this music has such a niche market. Is it relatively cheap to record?
Vanessa: I record all of my parts in my home studio, so it virtually does not cost me a dime. I consider my payment for my time and artistry the copies of the CDs and the recognition I get for my work. I would never demand money for studio time when I can come into my office/studio and just work for nothing. I do music because I want to do music and I’m a very creative person, so I understand the underground does not work in the way of mad cash flow, haha!

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