Saturday, July 20, 2013

gutter slime punk death: Wound (Germany): "Inhale the Void"

gutter slime punk death: Wound (Germany): "Inhale the Void"
The guitar might as well be a lawnmower or a saw. Following that logic, the guitar riffs sound like a saw cutting through a wall of bricks (or getting stuck, revving up, against the bricks). At times, there are these "solos," that sound like the "guitarist" is drunk and he doesn't know how to tune his guitar.
For a band like Wound, this is their own way of playing death metal: dirty and swampy. Wound is the type of band that appeals to those that like old-style sloppy joe's death metal; it is barebones production.
Wound sounds like they thought they would differentiate themselves by going in an old-school direction and they have succeeded. It's not "clinical" and "clicky" death metal.
On the other hand, the songs aren't too shabby, either. Not bad, not bad at all.
They are not pretending to reinvent the wheel. Just having a few beers and jamming out these tracks. They might have done these songs in a couple of days, maybe, I don't know. They don't want to take out the warts and all. It's people playing old, punky death metal, and that's how they do it.
If you are very picky and you want "mind-blowing" musicianship, this is not it. Wound is stinky, slimy death metal.

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