Monday, July 22, 2013

the 7th album by Eternal Tears of Sorrow (Finland): "Saivon Lapsi"

Eternal Tears of Sorrow (Finland): "Saivon Lapsi"
Given that this is their seventh album, for people who know this band's music, the question is not whether it's a quality release. Rather, it's how the small changes in sound go in interesting new directions and how the band reworks its essence, building upon its legacy.
The sound on this album is lush melodic-symphonic-melancholic growl metal, spiced up with traditional, melodic singing. The overall sound, at times, emphasizes particular aspects, like total shredding guitar solos, melancholic sounds or symphonic elements.
However, the big picture is symphonic growl metal.
The songwriting is top notch. The album is also top of the line for this style of music. This is better than "good," and it is definitely very good and highly enjoyable, if you do like symphonic metal. The band sounds very knowledgeable, very skilled in the studio, and with a great ear for melody and writing "hits" in the genre. They know how to make an album full of "hits," and has delivered a great effort, a commendable work, with no weaknesses, only catchy songs.
This band is masters of "symphonic growl metal" or "symphonic heavy pop," whichever way you would like to look at it. It appears that there is a lot of studio magic, which is normal for this style. The drums don't sound very metal, the guitars are not very rough and do not cut that well, which makes the music soft, velvety and poppy. If you like this style, I think you will be very impressed with this band, as you should be. They know their craft very well. Personally, I wish it sounded heavier, more human, but that's just my opinion.

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