Saturday, July 13, 2013

Queensryche; Infinita Symphonia: reviews

Before moving on to issue number 37 of Metal Bulletin Zine, I want to show you the updated versions of reviews from issue number 36 BECAUSE these are bands that, I think, are some of the most interesting albums that I have heard recently, mostly in the month of May and June.
-- -- Here are the updated versions of the reviews of Queensryche and Infinita Symphonia that appear in Metal Bulletin Zine #36, the new issue that is now complete.
-- --
adult contemporary metal
Infinita Symphonia (Italy): “Infinita Symphonia”
Queensryche (U.S.): “Queensryche”
Infinita Symphonia. This is where the good singing takes place, where melody predominates, and sing-along choruses await the listener.
Very quickly, here’s the deal. Huge, direct rocking metal riffs, catchy hooks and solos, song/rhythm-based no-nonsense drumming, and a good singer with a bit of grit (not thin-high singing), but still smooth and talented.
Rocking metal songs, proggy tracks, midtempo numbers, and ballads. A ballad?! Yes, a love song, perfect for your wedding. That’s right, a love song. “In Your Eyes,” is called. Quality stuff. Ear-friendly. Recommended for those into “metal that the whole family can enjoy, even the kids.”
Confession: I hated this album the first time I heard it several weeks ago! Nevertheless, I decided to return to it yesterday and today. Something changed! The music is still the same, but my understanding of it became better, and in return, I totally see what Infinita Symphonia is doing. Fun, upbeat, rocking.
Look up the video on YouTube “If I Could Go Back” for a taste of the upbeat, melodic metal rocking! It’s not a high-budget video, but just listen to the music.
Queensryche. Excellent singing, strong choruses, an abundance of guitar melodies, and overall semi-prog feel, in the sense of adult contemporary metal or light metal. The previous Queensryche album with which this meshes the best is probably "Empire."
It is also very good, and well done at all levels. The bands sounds confident, experienced and professional, and the sound quality is full and bouncy. It's very easy on the ears and it's a very welcoming and friendly vibe.
The band has worked extremely hard at repairing the reputation, at redeeming the name, and at making a serious effort to compose a well-balanced album with great midtempo songs, and with a couple of uptempo rockers.
Very, very recommended for Queensryche listeners that enjoy the more midtempo, mature, catchy and lighter metal side of the band's history.
It's probably a bit disappointing for those listeners hoping for something heavier and faster, but if you listen to the complete album, I would predict that it will grow on you, as long as you listen to this, for what it is now, and you do like "adult contemporary metal," easy-listening music. High quality, regardless.

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