Tuesday, July 16, 2013

filthy, gutter punks: Kromosom: "Live Forever"

filthy, gutter punks: Kromosom: "Live Forever"
Kromosom presents filthy, worthless, garage d-beat crust yell-until-your-throat-is-damaged obnoxious gutter punk.
If in the last month you have not showered, have not brushed your teeth and have not changed your clothes, then you have a good idea of how filthy Kromosom sounds.
What's the guitar player doing? what about the drummer? the bassist? the vocalist?
I have no clue because I cannot hear anything except obnoxious noise, some crazy banging on cans, a drunk guy plucking away at the bass; an angry, untalented foolish idiot trying to play guitar; and a certified lunatic screaming away, yelling about things that punks do not like.
Kromosom makes the Sex Pistols look a bunch of country club gentlemen.
Today was the very first day that I heard Kromosom and I loved this raging garbage sound from the first second.
It is that awesome.
I kid you not, Kromosom is the work genius minds.
So ridiculously brilliant!
Recommended for dirty gutter social outcasts into Discharge, Siege, The Exploited, Eletro Hippies, Heresy, Destroy, Extreme Noise Terror, early Napalm Death, and lots of bands with "Dis" in their name, those Scandinavian d-beat hoodlums, and lots very intense, garage sounds that is as punk as they can possibly be.
Only for those that love garage sounds.

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