Monday, July 1, 2013

preteen metal band rocks in New York City: Unlocking the Truth

The preteen metal band Unlocking the Truth has been making the rounds on YouTube as the 11 and 12–year olds who are rocking all over New York City. Look them up on YouTube and you’ll see why they are such a good band! Metal Bulletin Zine caught up with the band to find out more about the music and plans for the future. Jarad (drums), Alec (bass) and Malcolm (guitar) sent back some very interesting responses. As it turns out, there is actually some exciting news that they reveal in this interview!
Greetings, Unlocking the Truth! This is Metal Bulletin zine. Metal listeners seem to be finding their way to your videos on YouTube. You have been playing for 5 years. Is this true?
Malcolm: We've been playing for 7 years, not 5.
Jarad, what caused you to want to play metal music? Do you practice almost daily?
Jarad: I started playing drums by beating on tin cans and anything else. What caused me to play metal music is by watching animated music videos and also watching shows such as Naruto, Bleach, Yu-gi-oh. Since I live in an apartment, I had to get an electronic drum kit. No, I don't go crazy like that though I just get into it and feel the vibe of the music. I think I do improvise on what I have to practice on because I'm going to need it. I practice at least an hour a day.
Malcolm, what are you goals as a guitar player? What are some of the earliest songs that you learned to play on guitar?
Malcolm: One of my goals is to become the best metal guitarist. One of the earliest songs was Smoke on the Water and Crazy Train by Ozzie Ozborn. I like Jeff Loomis, Nick Thompson and Dan Donegan. I like Motionless in White, SlipKnot, Escape the Fate, Chelsea Grin and Born of Osiris
Alec, is this your first band? Did you learn to play bass listening to music, did someone teach you? Were you into metal music before Unlocking the Truth?
Alec: Yes, this is the first band I have been in. I started playing bass when Malcolm asked me to join the band. No, I did not learn to play bass by listening to music, Malcolm and Gerard taught me. When I got the basics down, my mom and dad signed me up for private lessons at the Brooklyn Guitar School. Yes, I was into metal music before Unlocking The Truth, because I watched Beyblades and other animation shows that played heavy metal music in the background.
The band is working on two cds currently: “Physical Therapy” and “The 4 Lost Souls,” correct? Do you think that you will finish those recordings this summer of 2013?
Malcolm: We are finished with “Physical Therapy” and we are working on an untitled album. Yes, I think the album will be finished. Hopefully before September.
Alec: Yes, we will finish the songs because we make songs very quickly.
Jarad: Yes, I believe that both should be out this summer. “The 4 Lost Souls” is currently in the mixing process, but “Physical Therapy” will be probably out this fall, hopefully.
Will those songs be online, itunes or somewhere else like Reverbnation? By the way, do you record your music at home?
Malcolm: Well, I want the songs to be on iTunes, but we have to work that out. Yes, I do record my music on my iPhone at home.
Alec: I don't know where those songs will be sold. Hopefully, they will be everywhere. I don't know if the songs will be on iTunes or Reverbnation. We record in the studio. We don't have the equipment yet to record in the basement.
Who is helping you with the recording of the music?
Jarad: We are working with a well-known artist name Steve Jordan and he is recording our music and mixing it in the studio.
Who is providing guidance/help for the matters that are not music-related, such as finances, driving you to shows and dealing with club owners and other business people in the music industry?
Malcolm: My parents are helping us with our music business.
Alec: My parents help with finances and Malcolm’s parents help with finances, driving and dealing with club owners and other people in the music industry.
Jarad: All the parents would meet with each other, but mostly Malcolm's mother and father. We are all putting in work. Tracey (Malcolm's father) drives us everywhere we want to go. He is our tour bus driver. Annette (Malcolm's mom) gets us all the gigs.
What about school? Do you have time to do your homework? Are you still interested in school?
Malcolm: I am still interested in school and I do my homework afterschool, then I can play my guitar.
Alec: Yes, I have time to do my homework. We practice on the weekends as a band and I practice every day for about 30 minutes to an hour, depending on how much homework I have.
Jarad: School is ok, can't wait for summer vacation. No more teachers until September!!!! Homework is always done after school.
Also, what about being bullied or picked on in school because you listen to metal?
Malcolm: Yes, it is still happening, but it is improving because it doesn't happen as much as it used to.
Jarad: There's a boy in my school who claims I'm not doing anything but moving my hands.
Who is helping you with writing lyrics about your experiences in school?
Malcolm: No one is helping me write the lyrics. I just write about my feelings.
Alec: I have not written any lyrics. Malcolm does.
Jarad: Malcolm writes the songs. His mom might help us with a verse and sometimes I will help with the chorus.
Do you have plans to have a vocalist/singer? The videos I have seen on YouTube seem to be all instrumental.
Malcolm: No, we do not have plans to get a vocalist. We are waiting for our voices change.
Jarad: We had a previous singer, but things happened, so he is not with us anymore. But eventually, we're going to sing.
What would be more important: playing Madison Square Garden or Yankee Stadium?! Metallica played in Yankee Stadium not so long ago, I think, during the "big 4" shows. Maybe Unlocking the Truth is next!
Malcolm: I think performing at Madison Square Garden is a better option, but I really want play the Download Festival.
Alec: Playing Madison Square would be more important, because many of the great musicians and singers have performed there.
Jarad: I believe that Madison Square Garden would be more important because there is a bigger crowd than Yankee stadium where Metallica played.
I live near Seattle, in the west coast. Have your parents told you when you will be allowed to come to the west coast? So far, you have played shows in the east coast only, it seems?
Malcolm: Well, if the right show came up, I don't see why not.
Alec: No, my parents have not told me when I will be coming to the west coast. Yes, so far we’ve been performing in New York City, but that is going to change.
Feel free to mention anything important that I have not asked about, how to get your music or if you have t-shirts, so on.
Malcolm: We're just getting started, so we don’t have that kind of stuff yet.
Alec: Right now we are in the process of recording our music. It will be available in the near future. We are also in the process of looking for vendors to help us create our t-shirts and merchandise. My final thought to all the kids out there: Don't be afraid to express yourself and stay drug free.

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