Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Last Chance to Reason: not for jive suckas: weirdo jazzy screamo bonkers rock

Last Chance to Reason: "Level Three"
WARNING: NOT FOR JIVE SUCKAS. This is not for the cranky "metal police" people, but for the I-like-to-hear-weird-bands-tripping-out people. This is not much of a metal album, you feel me, dog? Just relax, cuz this ain't no Manowah nor Slaya macho posturing shizzy.
My info sheet is telling me that the cats at Metalsucks be saying that this band right here, Last Chance to Reason, is “one of the most exciting young prog acts on the scene today.”
Don't know about all that, but let's go for a ride around and find out what the shizzy is all about.
These cats are total new jack rock. First, they be doing these spacey moments of alternative-ish, college suburban experimental rock. You know, kinda trippy, kind of whiny, emo-ish, maybe Radiohead-ish vibe. That's what I hear, but I ain't no expert about these sounds, playa.
Then, just when I was thinking that I got it, they get all angry and whatnot, and start to hardcore rock and screaming and shouting and doing all those crazy things. What happened to the mellow? Gone! Now it's all angry. Why you mad, bro? What happened? Something got them going, dayum.
These crazies are all over the place. "Amazing" and words like that is what people be saying. You gonna have to check it out and see how much patience you have for this clustercluck of styles. As for me, I need a nap now, gotta jet. I'm out.

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