Saturday, July 6, 2013

the punk rockers Darkthrone (Norway): "The Underground Resistance"

the punk rockers Darkthrone (Norway): "The Underground Resistance"
4 points on Darkthrone: 2.production 3.execution 4.talent
1.Style. There are 3 songs with King Diamond-imitation traditional, melodic singing, including high screams. There are another 3 songs with punk-crust yelling-growling, in a somewhat Tom G. Warrior-imitation.
The guitar work is a dirty thrash sound, at times recalling 80s unpolished thrash/speed/death/black, but also traditional heavy metal, something like a combination of Celtic Frost and Judas Priest, and all thrashed up.
Therefore, all is as it was, as it is, in the camp of Darkthrone. Now they decided to add a bit of Mercyful Fate/Judas Priest/New Wave of British Heavy Metal and Exodus/Metallica/Slayer in the salad.
2. Production.
Well, it is relatively clear, actually, within the context of an 80s-style, garage-like sound. It is a punk black metal sound.
It's both charming, headbanging and dirty, and you can definitely hear the bass guitar.
3. Execution.
They do what they do and sound good horrible at it. They sound like the best worst garage band you have ever heard.
4. Talent.
The drumming is a loose punk style, like a drummer that is jamming. The guitar work sounds like a huge tribute to the 80s, which it is.
The vocals. The punk-crust-growl vocals may be a bit too punky for some. It is not serious death metal or black metal style, but like the screaming was the first take and they said, "That's fine. Leave it at that."
The traditional, melodic singing sounds surprisingly, remarkably strong, in a garage way.
At times the band does sound like two different bands, one closer to traditional heavy metal, and the other more in line with the early, punk-ish death metal from the 80s.

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