Saturday, July 20, 2013

new prog metal: Edvian (Russia): "2012"

I do not have much information about Edvian and the little I have found says it is a band from Russia. At the end of this review I give you a couple of places to check things out. Right now, I'm going to report about how I hear the music.
Edvian is a heavy, prog metal band with a chunky guitar sound and melodic singing. The guitar tone is remarkably heavy, which contrasts with the melodic singing and constant use of keyboards/electronica sounds. The songs are pretty memorable, sounding both heavy and ear candy at the same time, kind of poppy.
They sound at times like "Dream Theater with more pop/electronic/dance sounds" and also like "Linkin Park gone heavy and downtuned." I'm still trying to figure it out, but maybe you can check this out and figure it out faster than my elderly brain.
Don't get the wrong impression, though. Edvian is not a pop band and it is a metal band, but pretty modern, hip and open-minded of other genres, which they incorporate, while still keeping the heaviness.
Who is this music for? Anyone that wants to hear new prog metal, with melodic singing. The singing is melodic and smooth, in a sing-along style.
Here are a couple of places where you can hear a bit of the music.

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