Sunday, July 7, 2013

crooners and rockers Volbeat (Denmark): "Outlaw Gentlemen & Shady Ladies"

crooners and rockers Volbeat (Denmark): "Outlaw Gentlemen & Shady Ladies"
The fact that the singer for Volbeat, Michael Poulsen, is a major crooner--somewhere between Pearl Jam's Eddie Vedder, alternative rock-era "Load/Reload" James Hetfield, Creed and other similar post-grunge/alternative bands, Glen Danzig, Elvis, and perhaps country singers like Toby Keith--backed up with a well organized, careful hodgepodge of melodic thrash, classic and radio rock melodies, creates the impression of a unique sound.
Mr. Poulsen shows a great deal of personality, that of a good-looking, biker rockabilly punk crowd pleaser, and this aspect has proved to be a winner in concerts.
These melodic, uptempo, radio-friendly tunes are catchy, ear candy by themselves, and pretty good, but they are topped off by the vocals, which is the element that takes center stage for Volbeat.
These upbeat rock songs have made Volbeat a hot band and their audience is a melting pot of listeners, of both sexes. There is a lot of metal in Volbeat, but they try to have more fun, in a party-rock way, so they do not appear to take themselves too seriously, in the sense that they do not come across as jerks.
Volbeat has hit upon something that works for them and they are riding high their success.
This album is a series of memorable songs, by a band that seems to be getting bigger and bigger in the international metal/rock world. Certainly in Europe, the crowds seem to be beyond enormous at the metal festivals.

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