Thursday, July 25, 2013

grind, of an experimental spirit: Antigama (Poland): "Meteor"

Antigama (Poland): "Meteor"
Antigama is a grind band, with a crisp production (not a garage sound). Of course, it is blazing fast, with short songs. Antigama functions at an experimental level. While a lot of the music sounds like noisy grind, a closer listen demonstrates that something else is at work, something different. While traditional grind can be quite easy to get into, the speed and the headbangingness of the riffs welcome the willing ear to the rocking nature of grind.
It is that way with Antigama, but with some jazzy and spacey surprises. This music is much more disruptive of lineal song structures, it tests the listener's patience a lot more by changing things up, and with more frequency. The stop/start mathcore elements and the jazzy vibes are fundamental for this band. Antigama is for listeners who like fast music that explores the experimental side of grind. It sounds pretty crazy, and I imagine that in the live setting it all just sounds loud and speed. In a way, Antigama is a bit more challenging, a bit more hip to other genres. Check it out if you like grind and you don't mind a few incursions into experimental music.

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