Monday, January 22, 2018

Sorcerer (review by MMB)

The Crowning of the Fire King
Metal Blade Records
While it is true that Sorcerer is doom, a broad category that nowadays is popular and very nebulous, the Swedes do doom in a way that is very appealing due to the emphasis on making real songs, on one hand, and the band’s thinking that doom is, above all, heavy metal. What a difference it makes to hear doom that focuses on songs. First, there is real guitar playing here. The guitar tone is about as perfect and as definitive as it gets in epic doom metal in the present day. Second, the guitar (and songs) are, of course, somber, but it is not just one slow riff for a long time. There are hooks and melodies, too. The pace also does often pick up. The band is way more mature than wasting your time with some ridiculous game of trying to be the slowest or most so-called atmospheric band on the planet. Third, expect guitar solos that are composed well. They have worked on the solos and it shows. Finally, the singing. With so many moving parts in the making of an album, in order to do a good execution of epic doom metal, to do it at the right mass, you need several elements. One of those is the singing, and Sorcerer has the singing that fits this style very appropriately. Part somber, part melodic. The verses sound good and the choruses dare you to resist. Do you dare to resist?
If you are interested in finding doom that is proud to be heavy metal, proud to call classic epic doom metal its mission, that is about songs, melodies and real singing, then you have come to the right place with Sorcerer.

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